Custom Design Your Own


Create your own!

Did you know that The Jump Pad can provide your business with a customised design option? 

'You can choose between colour choice - size choice - logo choice!'

Due to a customised Jump Pad not being one of our standard off the shelf sizes, it is a case of Price On Applicate. Being customised, there is a slightly longer delivery time. Being organised early is a no brainer.... so with that said, please be assured that we will communicate and work with you on meeting a requested delivery time schedule! 

To organise a quote, please Contact Us


Create your own colour

Let us match the colours of your Businesses Brand


Add your own logo

Give customers a reason to do business with you.


What customised size would you like?

If one of our standard models doesn't fit within an area that you'd dearly like to install a Jump Pad.... 

'We can custom manufacture a size to suit!' 

The most common customised design size request is for a Jump Pads that's require to be used indoors. As you can imagine, that's largely due to an existing room size or shape