Innovative new safety design


Independent channelled air pockets

Originally designed out of necessity - The Jump Pad has been cleverly designed with a in built  multiple 

'Independent channelled air pocket' system. (Patent pending) 

In short.... the independent pockets of air (ie: largely separated) - allows large & small people to safely jump directly side-by-side, without effecting or interfering each others fun. 

Please note: The Jump Pads, have all but removed the often dangerous injury causing issue known as Double Bouncing.  (Mostly occurs when 2 or more people are jumping at one time, and is likely that the actions of one jumper will effect the rebound and lack of control of the other) 

Safe side-by-side jumping

'Safer design allows large and small people to jump side-by-side with little to no effect or impact on each other.'

Soft cushioned edge

Outer dampening edge

You've heard the saying, 'It's the simple things in life that make the big difference!'  That's the exact case of the simple, yet cleverly designed outer edge of The Jump Pad. The outer 2 air pockets run all the way around The Jump Pad and have virtually no impact from everyone and anyone jumping in the middle. 

This gives the Jump Pad  2 major benefits:

  • They act as a quick safety dampener for the jumpers (Quite remarkably, the jumpers instantly gravitate back inside for a more exciting jumping experience). 
  • The outer edge has become a great place for kids to sit, relax, share and meet new friends uninterrupted (The parents love it... the kids are occupied. Business owners love it... the kids have more fun and will want to return again!)

Reducing your business risk


Reducing risk on your business

It's no hidden secret that jumping experiences designed for the commercial recreational market have put Australian businesses under huge stress when it comes to insurance & risk management. 

'That was until now!'

Without flogging a dead horse... that's just another benefit of The Jump Pads new independent channelled air pocket design system.

As our mission statement suggests - Everyone that comes in touch with The Jump Pad shares in the pleasure and benefits (business owners included).

'Less risk... equals less injury... which equals less cost to you!' 

Happier returning clients


The parents can relax

We know only too well that if you can supply your clients an enjoyable a stress free experience - not only will they be more likely to return...

'they will be more likely to recommend your business to others!' 

Because of new innovative safety design (Independent channelled air pockets) - parents with small kids using The Jump Pad, can now relax with the peace of mind that their tiny ones wont be bounced and thrown around.