Jump Pad sizes

6mx 7.6m Jump Pad

Smallest in the fleet

6m x 7.6m - The Jump Pad

The 6m x 7.6m Jump Pad is the smallest in our fleet. This little fellow is perfect for those of you with commercial businesses that have limited recreational space available (great for indoor use), and or want to combine it in conjunction with other playground equipment. Being the lightest weight in our range - we have found it ideally suited to those of you who wish to consistently use it in various locations (ie: quickly inflated / deflated & shipped around a lot). Whether that is for markets - schools - fitness groups or even season Campground / Holiday Park groups or conglomerates that wish to share them internally between locations! 

Size: 6m x 7.6m - 45.6 sq mtrs


Number: approx 20 Jumpers


7.6m x 12.2m Jump Pad

Great size for indoors

7.6m x 12.2m - The Jump Pad

The 7.6m x 12.2m Jump Pad is the start of our longer rectangular shaped models. It has become a significanty popular and versatile sized Jump Pad that is ideally suited to the mid sized seasonal businesses that regularly require the use of The Jump Pad  indoors as much as they do outdoors. As The Jump Pad is a 100% usable flat area - this model is small enough to inflate indoors if need be and big enough to handle a good volume of people (up to 30 people comfortably... age group pending). 

Size: 7.6m x 12.2m - 92.72 sq mtrs


Number: approx 30 Jumpers


9.2m x 15.2m Jump Pad

Now we're getting serious!

9.2m x 15.2m - The Jump Pad

The 9.2m x 15.2m Jump Pad is where a bit of serious size starts to kick in (As per the image above). This is where the commercial businesses that can accomodate a mid to larger visitor/client range come into their own, and being 100% usable flat area.... it can cater for up to 42 jumpers comfortably at once. Because of the new innovative safety design of 'Independent channelled air pockets,' having the ability to cater for so many people in a safe manner... is a real game changer for Australian businesses delivering exceptional customer recreational experiences!

Size: 9.2m x 15.2m - 139.84 sq mtrs


Number: approx 42 Jumpers


9.2m x 21.3m Jump Pad

The mother of all mothers!


Say hello to the big girl! The 9.2m x 21.3m is the largest sized Jump Pad in our fleet.  Primarily used for large scaled commercial businesses, with a high volume of visitors and plenty of room to cater for. Due to the weight, it is preferable for use outdoor only and is perfectly suited to rural Agri-Tourism - Campground / Holiday Parks and school events for eg. For those businesses looking to generate more income from your jumping asset - this large flat area option is ideal for low impact exercise programs with external personal training contractors looking for new opportunities (as pictured above!).

Size: 9.2m x 21.3m - 195.96 sq mtrs


Number: approx 50+ Jumpers


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Check out all of the other industry options for The Jump Pad!

Caravan - RV and Holiday Parks


 In Caravan Parks The Jump Pad is perfect as a stand alone or an addition to other jumping products enabling the separation of small children to the larger children and adults.

Farmstays & Agri-Tourism


Agritourism and Farm stays are growing rapidly all over the country and The Jump Pad is becoming a must have attraction

Schools - Community Centres


Schools and community centre have also found that Jump Pads are perfect for physical activity classes.

Fitness and health industry

Fitness and health industry - The Jump Pad

Looking for a great exercise tool that offers your clients a heart pumping, yet low impact exercise experience? The Jump Pad will add customer value to your business and a Point Of Difference your competitors can't!

Child Minding Centres


The fact that the Jump Pad can be used indoor as well as outdoor has enabled Child minding centres to add Pads to their facility.

Event Entertainment


Give customers a reason to do business with you.Any event indoor our outdoor will benefit from the Jump Pad's power of attraction!

Markets - Fetes - Outdoor Shows


What a great portable income producing - entertainment hub! 

'No installation needed.... it's a real game changer!' 

Simply roll it out - inflate it and use it on any indoor flat surface. It's that easy!

Sporting Clubs


If your looking for a low impact - yet high energy and safe Training platform... The Jump Pad is for you! 'Being low impact, the chance of injury to a high valued team member is virtually nil!' 

A great as a player risk management tool for your sports club! 


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