Our Journey


G'day, we're Dennis & Merryle

"We love Australia’s Great Outdoors, having family around us and travelling.

We’re also mad keen on 

supplying  you as a business owner with the safest, most fun and healthy 

entertaining experiences your clients can have!"

No place like home


We're a proud local family business that calls the Gold Coast hinterland home. We love nothing more than waking up to the sound of Kookaburra’s laughing, the smell of fresh tropical air, soaking up the view and watching from our back deck… kangaroos hopping around our yard. 

Proud Parents & grandparents, family time is of the utmost importance to us and we jump at any opportunity to entertain our friends and family together. We believe....

‘A family that eats together, stays together,’ 

Avid travelers, we get a real kick out of experiencing different cultures from all around the world. Enjoying our touring passion, we’ve been lucky enough to travel & tour the USA from one end to the other in RV style!

Necessity breeds innovation


Over the past five (5) years, we’ve periodically called the USA home, and during that time we developed two online Caravan and RV (Recreational Vehicle) Industry E-Magazines called Campground and Farm. After talking to numerous RV and campground Parks in the USA, we’ve found that many other commercial and recreational jumping products (And therefore the RV Campgrounds and Parks!)  were under huge stress with safety insurance issues. There had to be a better way!

It was an opportunity staring us in right the face really. It wasn’t hard in the end, as we simply got on-the-ground direct feed back from our RV Campground and Park owners and managers (After all they are in the hot seat). Together we came up with a solution to the  safety risk, supplied the RV Campground and Park owners with loads of healthy fun for their clients and produced a inflatable jumping product that is easy to use and could be installed by anyone (great to use in Summer and roll up to store away in poorer weather condition). Needless to say, many of our new safer Jump Pads are delivered to clients that are replacing existing, old world  jumping products.  

What's next?


As a niche family business, we’re particularly proud of the fact that we do just one thing only; ‘The Jump Pad’, and we’re damn good at it! ie:

'The best quality & designed inflatable recreational jumping experience available!'

Because of this - our core focus on delivering the best quality product possible and service is never diluted! This frees up time to focus on growing our business and as I write this, we’re currently in the USA (36 separate States) - Canada - Australia and New Zealand within the RV Campground / Holiday Parks and Agi-Tourism (Agricultural Tourism) business sectors. 

As you can imagine, we don’t want to stop there! Our next focus is to gain a global presence (Europe is on the radar as we speak) and we’re currently entering other business sectors like Schools - Summer camps - Fitness studios - Sports clubs - Resorts and outdoor Festivals, Event Centres and Markets.