Our Values

1. Safety first


Looking after our loved ones

As a Family business with kids & grandkids of our own, we understand innately that putting the safety of you
and your kids is first and foremost our number one priority! Improving the safety of the existing
inflatable jumping recreational products, was the initial basis around creating the new Improved Safety Design. 

2. Fun


Great fun grows great memories

Fun on The Jumping Pad more often than not translates to a friendly experience. When people laugh - enjoy themselves and others in a fun activity… they forge great memories they never forget! As business owners using The Jump Pad product, you’re guaranteed a long term loyal client! 

3. Healthy


Healthy for the mind, body and soul.

The world is in a physical & mental health epidemic - sitting down all day, indoors and in front of technology can’t be good for our kids! The Jump Pad delivers health in spades and is ideal for the Fitness industry

'In fact this photo is of a personal training class!'

Exercise gets the heart rate up and pumping - detoxes the brain from technology for a  while and get us outdoors allowing Mother Nature  to do her work! (Low impact)

4. Reliability


Built to last

As a recreational business owner or manager - we understand that the reliability of The Jump Pad is a reflection on your brand.  Our products must be reliable for you to deliver a great quality experience for your clients (The end user) consistently time & time again. As our products are manufactured to the highest quality control - our Quality In Manufacture  wont disappoint!

5. Sharing


Caring is sharing

We're so impeccably proud of the fact our jump Pads share value to each and every person connected (as per Our Mission!). Businesses that we supply have a jumping experience that is easy to use (is self installed), is safe for the end user (lowers the businesses risk - and therefore cost), entertains their clients (They can’t wait to return) and builds your brand. Your clients have a safe - healthy and fun experience they’ll never forget.  The Jump Pad has the opportunity to supply a high quality product that improves the value the business it supplies and a great experience to the end user.... your clients!