Quality in manufacture


Commercial grade - Made in Australia

The raw material that The Jump Pads are manufactured with is called P.V.C (Polyvinyl Chloride). Whilst there are many different thicknesses of P.V.C that determine the wear & tear strength (The Jump Pad only uses top of the line commercial grade thickness / strength) - it is the U.V stabilisation that makes the biggest difference to P.V.C surviving in the Harsh Australian and more so... New Zealand conditions (That's right - New Zealands U.V does a lot more damage than Australia's!). Only the best and highest quality thread is used in the manufacturing process ensuring long life.


Independent SGS P.V.C test.

When it came time to manufacture to Australia's requirement, The Jump Pad went one step further and chose a P.V.C fabric that was best suited to the worlds harsher UV environment.... New Zealand! So much so, as per our request.... our manufacturers had our P.V.C fabric tested for U.V and out of a possible high rating of 5,

'The Jump Pad tested at the exceptional rating of 4.5 out of 5'

 (please note: we are yet to see a P.V.C fabric tested at a rating 5!) 

Extended life... The game changer!


Convenience is the solution

As the heading suggests - Here's the real  game changer. There is a very simple way to dramatically extend the life of your Jump Pad from the harsh Aussie UV. There is no installation required for The Jump Pad...

'So when out of season or not in use... store it away out of the sun!"

With so many of our clients living in very diverse climate and extreme weather environments all over the world (North America - New Zealand & the southern states of Australia for eg.) - it makes sense to use a product that you can quickly deflate, roll up and store when not in use. Or even better... as there is no installation required - simply use The Jump Pad indoors and out of the U.V! You'll extend the life of your businesses asset like you never thought possible!