Setting a new standard of fun

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The Jump Pad

Setting a new standard of fun

A proven Playground Attraction

The Jump Pad was first developed in the USA by Dennis Macready over 5 years ago with around 400 installations to date.

Now available in our home country Australia and New Zealand having complied with the strict Australian Standards AS3533.4.1.

The Jump Pad material has been tested and has a UV rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5.

High strength stitching in the seams is an added bonus and ensures our commitment to quality control.

Kid & Adult Attraction

Patent Pending. The Jump Pad is a flat series of inflatable tubes that provide kids (and adults) of all ages a way to have fun. The flat surface area allows many children and adults alike to use the Pad at any one time. A true kid magnet and one that will add incentive for repeat business.

Warranty: Feel at ease we have a two year warranty on product defect or seam failure.  We back up our clients and our product to the best of our ability.  

Indoor or Outdoor

The Jump Pad can be inflated on any reasonably flat surface:

Caravan Parks, Indoor Gym's, Child Care centres, Theme Parks, Bed & Breakfasts, Farmstays, Events.

An ideal fitness activity for young and old, helps to teach children balance and co-ordination.

The Jump Pad is only 68cm off the ground allowing easy access and disembark.

Passes Australian Standards.

High UV rating.


The Jump Pad is easy to install, all you need is a reasonably flat area,  power to the blower and you are ready to go.

Available in various sizes:




 Made of high strength fire retardant PVC. The life of the Jump Pad for outdoor use is significantly extended based on the fact if required it can be rolled up and stored over winter.

Includes everything you need.


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